We used Skype via a built-in laptop cam for having our Mount Mansfield
High School student actors watch the production from backstage so they
could prepare to enter stage on cue or do sound/light effects. Worked
well even in the darkened auditorium.

You may be able to get away with such a cam, but even an external can be
purchased for just $30 - $100. We used it for about a dozen staff
interviews last spring.


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>>> Rick Mallon 09/23/09 4:50 PM >>>

Here is one from my Special Services director:
*Can we create a live feed from one classroom to another classroom? We
would like to be able to have some student*s in XXXX*s room watching the
instruction in YYYY*s room. This would facilitate the need for XXXX to
be able to talk to the students she has without interrupting the class
YYYY has. We have also talked about using this for in-school
suspensions. What would it take?*
Is anyone doing something like this. I*m thinking Skype might work, but
would require a decent video camera. * RickM
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