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Subject: Re: youtube

I hate to be a stick in the mud, but downloading YouTube videos is a
violation of the Terms of Service.

I haven't seen anything exempting Education from this restriction.
Unless there is a download link provided by Google the video isn't
allowed to be downloaded. 

Has anyone had much success with their content filters actually
filtering YouTube's content?  Maybe if we can have some confidence that
the nasty stuff will get blocked like we want it would be an easier sell
to unblock it?


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Subject: youtube

Hi Folks,

I remember a discussion on this list about whether schools should  
allow access to youtube. I have recently found an alternative which I  
hope might be helpful to others. I discovered as many of you may know  
that there is a Firefox extension that allows to download youtube  
videos as MP4's. I am asking people to download from home them we can  
work with it from there. Perhaps I can ask the school librarian to  
download videos on request and allow her work station access to youtube.


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