Drew:  (Taking a little liberty with your question, I will admit...)
I know that Dr. Puentadura has been well regarded by another gentleman that has spent quite a bit of time here in Vermont over the last couple of years, that being Jim Moulton.  I think the recommendation for Dr. P. being involved came from Jim Moulton.  I think that he probably has some good insight on some ways that schools can begin to approach the one to one scenario. I would encourage you to check out the initial offerings and see what you might be able to take from it.  
Vermont is actually pursuing some of these models, though not on the level that Maine has.  One of the reasons for not pursuing the Maine model is that we have not committed local or Vermont funding to this initiative as Maine has.  Maine's legislature made a bold move some years ago when they committed funding to this project and have continued to commit the funds.  The Vermont legislature has not done this yet, though they have been opening themselves up to more discussion about how something like that could be beneficial in the state.  I have had a couple of opportunities since being in this position to discuss the positive aspects of technology and the strengths it can bring  to classrooms.  I hope to have further conversations this coming winter.
One of the ways we are supporting one to one and technology rich classrooms is through the Professional Development side of it with the grant program that went out last month and is now getting ready to choose schools as models.  That is the Professional Development for Tech Rich Classrooms grant which is seeking models around the state to train and highlight in the ways that technology makes significant impact on teacher practice.  This regional program, titled The Vermont E-Learning Project is launching this week and seeking six model schools around the state as well as offering regional workshops along the same lines.   Stay tuned for that announcement.
Digital Wish, Heather Chirtea's organization is also pursuing a model around 1:1 as well and has some impressive logistics on how it can be jump started in schools.  That project is piloting out some schools as well.  There is also a state level project in the works that is awaiting word on stimulus funding that will also address 1:1 or something close to it.
Formula grants are ways that many of our schools are addressing technology rich classrooms too.  I have seen many programs started this year with ARRA funds that are bringing netbooks into classrooms.  The low cost of these units is attractive to many schools and some have even taken textbook funds to pay for them. I think the piece here that is important is the sharing of experiences that we can have.  If you are one of those places doing this kind of model, talk about it on this list... there are others that are hoping to do similar things.  
Lastly, there are some more competitive grants coming this year through the SPARK grants that will support 1:1 and tech rich models as well.  Stay tuned for these opportunities as well. 
Long answer to your short question.. but I feel that sometimes I am not vocal enough about the ways our efforts can work together. 
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Subject: 1:1 Dine and Discuss

I've been asked to attend the Dine and Discuss with Dr. Puentedura regarding 1:1 computing, and also go to all the follow up sessions.  While I love to broaden my horizons and professional knowledge, is this worth my time>  I'm well aware of Maine's 1:1 initiative and its successes, but is this something VT is actually pursuing?  If not, then why should I go to these meetings?  If this is isn't supported at the highest level, with appropriate funding, it's a pipe dream.

Thoughts?  Anyone going?  What do you know about this that makes it worth your time?


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