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Below is an excerpt answering part of the “what can you do with it” from an email sent to principals, superintendents, and I had thought was cced to the tech contacts at all the LNV schools.  Information on the current allotment of credits per school to the cilc.org dollar bank will be coming out in the first week of Oct.  


One thing that really helps the LNV get used with students is when schools have a designated school educational contact for the system.  We wrote to principals asking for the current technical and school contacts for each site, but need help getting that information.  Description of the roles is included below.


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Who uses it and for what?

During the 2008/2009 school year schools in VT used the LNV to participate in a variety of student centered experiences as well as meetings for school and district staff.  The following list of sessions is included to provide an example of student uses and does not cover the full range of sessions for which the LNV was used (note that schools incurred no costs for any of the sessions listed).


Topic/Program Title


Grade Level of
Vermont Participants

Spanish Art

Cleveland Museum of Art


HS Spanish I through III

Meet the Medieval Peasant

The Sheffield Museum of Rural Life (Canada)

4th Grade

Our Solar Neighborhood



3rd Grade

Internet Safety for Students


7th Grade students, teachers

Penguin and Puffin Coast Virtual Tour

Saint Louis Zoo

1st Grade

The Fine Art of Persuasion: Television and Advertising

Paley Center for Media Arts

High School

American Indians in a Changing World

Milwaukee Public Museum

5th Grade

The Griot's Drum

Storyteller's Drum, Inc

11th Grade

States Of Matter: A Solid Lesson Where Liquids can be a Gas

Cleveland Museum of Natural History


3rd – 4th Grades

Sanctuary via Kindertransport (presenter is a Jewish man who was evacuated as a child from Germany without his family)

Vanderbilt University

High School

In addition to the above noted content provider programs, VT students collaborated with students in other states.  Collaborations included social studies and literature discussions.


What does it mean to be a LNV site?

It is the understanding of the VT Dept of Education that in participating in the Learning Network of VT schools will have the following staff resources in place:

  • Technical contact person responsible for the school’s hardware
  • School contact person for information about instructional resources (e.g. will understand the educational uses of the LNV, be primary educational contact, and point person for camera availability).

The school contact will be notified about the current allotment of the CILC content dollar bank funds, information about trainings, etc. This person will also understand the instructional application and be able to use the video conferencing camera and remote, shared desktop server, and scheduling features of the LNV (either via a face to face training or the web-based training materials). The school contact person can be a technical contact, but can also be a classroom teacher.


In addition to facilitating communication and collaboration across VT schools, the LNV also allows for the inclusion of cameras outside our network.  The new LNV also has the capacity to integrate webcams into the network. 




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We have a wonderful television setup with a Polycom camera. We host many DOE meetings but.... what else can we REALLY use it for? I've got a French teacher who would love to see classrooms in France. I've got math teachers who would like to watch advanced calculus, I've got Science teachers who want to watch anatomy physiology classes. Ok.... none of the teachers have requested that except for the French teacher but what if they really did want to do this with the equipment we have? 



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