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As most may recall, Vermont participated in the Real World Design Challenge last year with 4 schools and one of those schools, South Burlington, was able to go on to the National Challenge in DC in March. 
The Real World Design Challenge began last year and Vermont was fortunate to be included as a pilot state, one of ten, in the nation.  This year the original 10 are still involved and there are 15 other states joining the effort.  The RWDC is targetted to high schools and is a fantastic experience in the area of STEM, Science, Technology, Math and Engineering, education.  The Engineering portion is highlighted within this challenge.  Students last year were tasked with using industry standard drafting and computer programming tools to devise an airplane wing that was fuel efficient on take-off and landing.  A very challenging task.  This year, the task is similar with different parameters.  While my own involvement with the students was somewhat limited last year, I did get a chance to be part of the national challenge and see the competitors from around the nation.  The experience was impressive to say the least.  If you are a teacher that values STEM principles in education, this is the challenge for you in your school!
The Challenge is slated to begin again this fall, and the Vermont portion begins on Sept. 14th. Teams of students will need to register by November 16, so the training this year is going to be a mix of both online training and face to face training.  In an effort to make our challenge participation greater this year, I am seeking an individual or entity to coordinate and manage the overall effort for Vermont.  I am releasing an RFP from Title IID competitive funds for $25,000 to assist someone in doing this.  The money is meant to cover travel, meeting spaces, trainings and some overall support for the schools that are taking part in the challenge.  This money could pay a modest stipend for coaches, but it would depend on how many teams wish to participate.  People interested in this grant should get in touch with me if they have questions.. The RFP will be released on Wednesday, Sept. 9. 
RFP aside, if you have an interest in taking part in this challenge at your school, you should begin the work of gathering a team and contacting me as soon as possible.  I will send you out a packet of info from the challenge that will help you get started.  As the RFP process completes, you will have a Vermont contact that can help in a more significant way. 
I am attaching a one pager that has the training materials site and the RWDC web site highlighted.  Check that out for more details. 
BTW:  Trip to DC is covered by the challenge... student team and the coach are covered.  State coordinator is also expected to be there and paid for.  That would be the RFP entity. 
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