We enter the data collected from our student privacy forms into our student information system.  Teachers can then ask for up-to-the minute lists of their students, and who has which permissions. 
Unfortunately (because it's time-consuming), it's then up to the teacher to be sure we only publish the information the parent has deemed OK.  For example, if a parent has not granted permission to display a picture of a student, the teacher must be sure no pictures of that student appear on web pages.
Often, when a teacher does a project involving the web, s/he will contact parents who have granted limited permissions to explain the project and ask them if they would consider easing the restrictions.

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Steve,  Shirley, et al.
These are very comprehensive.  All topics we have addressed in our discussions, but have not solved yet. Thanks for sharing the work you have done.   We keep getting stuck on some of the implementation logistics.  Where does this information live?  Who enters it?  Who can view the permission slip data and how?  If a class is working on a wiki, and the students are posting online, then who'se responsibility is it to make sure that students with restrictions follow their own parent's restrictions".  Can teachers look up the restrictions easily? 
Can any of this be done as Opt out (especially the directory information stuff).

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Here's what South Burlington is using:


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Hello Everyone,
WCSU is in the process of revising their Media Release form and I am
trying to collect forms that other schools are using.  In particular, we
would like to address posting pictures, video, and student work on-

If you would not mind sharing your forms, I would greatly appreciate the

Have a nice weekend,

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