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Subject: RFP released on Statewide Distance Learning project

Hello all:
Today there is an RFP released for a statewide distance learning initiative.  This RFP is targeted towards an entity that can develop a virtual school for Vermont. The first area that will be addressed will be getting schools in Vermont some level of available service at utilizing virtual learning courses.  I could envision a consortium of school districts coming together to form a plan around this, but I want to let folks know that this is not a single school level type of program.  This is very much a statewide effort and the amount of funding should signify that.  I can't tell anyone not to apply, but be sure you read the RFP to understand the scope of work involved. 
Be looking around Sept. 15th for the first of two waves of grants applicable to classroom level activities.  I'll post here.. 
The Distance Learning RFP in its entirety is here...
If you have questions let me know... email or phone. 
Please pass along to folks that you think may be interested. 
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