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Peter - if you get a discussion going at VTFest, I'd love to be a part of it.  Since I work K - 12, I see a variety of things happening with Internet Safety.  My biggest concern is that taking on a full scripted curriculum such as iSafe is overwhelming for teachers.  We've tried to divide up some of the work (copyright:  librarians, bullying: guidance), allowing lots of flexibility, and from there it is spotty.  It would be great to see some state-wide collaboration, perhaps even offering teacher training and parent evenings across districts so that we aren't duplicating efforts. 


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Steve, Jon, and all:

I am very interested in these ideas.. Issues and questions around this area come into this office often.  I have not had a chance to really delve into this on the depth that I wish.  There are tentative plans for this office to work with the School Boards Assoc. at crafting some kind of "model policies" around the safety piece.  

On this list last fall, I put up some new direction that was drawn up around CIPA legislation at having schools indicate they have an internet saftey curriculum in place.  So far, the guidance on this has been spotty.  Basically, it says that schools develop a policy of sorts.. (awareness, a web site, a handout) and then stick to the policy.  I think at some point we need more than that.  

Vtcite would be a great place for this information to live.  I would support that and hope there can be some kind of discussion perhaps  at Vermont Fest at making that a reality.  There are some grant opportunities coming out soon that may be able to be steered towards this kind of thing too.  

Thanks for the efforts folks.. This kind of work benefits all...



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There have been so many great resources and systems that have come and gone in Vermont, often taking thousands of development hours of content with them, I wonder if there would be a way to integrate this effort with

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Hi Everyone,

I'm working in this area right now (I would like it to be my capstone project for graduate degree at Marlboro College's MAT program).  The idea is to create a Vermont statewide resource/website for educators and parents, link it to schools in Vermont, follow the Vermont standards, and improve where necessary.  The website will include videos, lesson plans, and worksheets on Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Posting, Sexting, Security, Ethics, and whatever else we come up with.

The website will be completely free; there will be no charge to anyone for anything (I'm sure we can get someone to donate server space).
Too many canned programs charge, and when we get them, we modify the lessons anyway.  Our technology issues are changing so quickly, it would be great to have an immediate lesson or video available to teach about the latest issue.  If we pool our resources, I'm certain this can be achieved.

If you would like to contribute or help with the website, that would be great!  We could have the prototype up an running by this year's conference at Killington.


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> Hi All:
> In order to stay in compliance with the "Protecting Children in the 
> 21st Century Act" [Title II of the "Broadband Data Improvement Act,"
> we are reviewing our Internet Safety curriculum.  Presently we use 
> iSafe which has always been free.  It appears that they are now charging for it.
> Just wondering what others are using and if anyone has something they 
> think highly of and would recommend.  We are looking for a fairly 
> comprehensive K-12 curriculum.
> Thanks for any info.
> Ed
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