Jon ... thanks for this link and this work in thinking about this issue on a statewide basis.

In previous posts, there's been a question about how we might be able to use as a place for holding this kind of curriculum content.  

There are a couple of ideas that come to my mind. now has a link to Global Classroom and space to create Moodle courses.  If someone were interested in creating a Moodle "course," it could live here perhaps.  If anyone is interested in developing this, please contact me and I will investigate this further.

Another idea is that the content become a separate tab on -- similar to what happens now when you click on the User Guide tab at  Again, we'll need some one to take ownership of creating the materials that reside here.

Third, any outside resource can be added (by anyone) to the VTcite public resources database and tagged "internetsafety."  Thus, any resource with this tag will be easy to locate.  

If there's an interest in creating a forum on this topic, we will be glad to create one.  We would need someone who volunteers to take the lead on initiating discussion.

So ... some ideas to think about.

Best, Sandy

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Again, thanks for the continuing positive thoughts and comments.  I
hope to respond to all of them in the next day or two.  Here is a
mock-up  page on wordpress about the process of getting this started.
This was a plan I set up in June 09 for my class "Managing Change"
when I first contacted Peter about the possiblility of an internet
safety website.  I have not created a survey yet... but it's coming.
I know you all have busy schedules especially at this time of year. It
would be great if everyone could take a look at the plan and add their


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Hi All:

In order to stay in compliance with the “Protecting Children in the 21st
Century Act” [Title II of the “Broadband Data Improvement Act,” we are
reviewing our Internet Safety curriculum.  Presently we use iSafe which
has always been free.  It appears that they are now charging for it.

Just wondering what others are using and if anyone has something they
think highly of and would recommend.  We are looking for a fairly
comprehensive K-12 curriculum.

Thanks for any info.


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