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The University of Vermont

Office of Chief Information Officer


To:                 The University Community

From:             H. David Todd, Chief Information Officer

Re:                  UVM enforcing stronger passwords and expiration of old passwords

Date:              September 14, 2009

UVM is now enforcing stronger password standards and annual password changes.  If you have not changed your UVM NetID password in the past year, you will soon be required to do so.  If you change your password now, your new password will not expire for another 12 months.

If your password is older than one year and not changed now, then additional information, including a specific password expiration date, will be sent to you via email before your password expires.  This email will not ask for you to provide your password or any account information and will only serve to remind you to visit the UVM website to change your password.  Be wary of any email that asks you to supply your account name and/or password.

To update your password, visit the UVM Network ID & Account Management page at
https://www.uvm.edu/account/ and choose "Change your password."  If you have not changed your password by the expiration date, you will be locked out of UVM computing and network services until you do change it.  Password changes will be permitted by that web site even after the password has expired.

This change will align UVM's account management practices with evolving national standards.  Since your UVM NetID and password are used to access many UVM services, their security is very important.  The password you have used for some time may no longer be adequate to protect your account from today's technology threats.  For more information, you can read the UVM news article at 
http://www.uvm.edu/~uvmpr/?Page=News&storyID=14519 .

For help with changing your password, contact the UVM Computing Helpline at (802) 656-2604 or at
[log in to unmask] . For security policy questions, contact [log in to unmask] .