Fellow UVMers,

I hope the first day was exciting for you and continues to run smoothly for this week!  Unfortunately, our campus will be visited by the Westboro Baptist Church tomorrow morning who will be bringing very harmful messages with them.  While you might still choose to get involved with some form of counter-protest or decide to visit the Allen House—where they will be present—I would encourage you to research the behavior of this organization because they purposefully select offensive language to provoke their audience in hopes of triggering a response that breaks the law, allowing them to file a lawsuit.  

I strongly condemn the messages they deliver and would like to offer my advice to those who are debating on how to respond to the Westboro Baptist Church:  the strongest message we could give them is silence.  When I first heard they would be coming campus, I asked myself what should we do to respond, but I realized that’s exactly what they look for in hopes that we accidently slip up in our efforts and give them grounds for a lawsuit.  Let’s come together and ignore their message.

In the end, do what you need to do, but be smart and be safe!  

Best Wishes,

P.S.  Located below are a few links that would be a good place to start your research on the Westboro Baptist Church.


From the SGA President's email this week:

Wear your College Colors this Friday, September 4th!!
Ski and Snowboard Club Events
Labor Day Comedy Show Featuring Kristen Schaal
Welcome Back BBQ's!
Go Greek, Be a Part of the Excellence
UVM Rescue Open House, Sept. 5th
Men's Club Soccer Tryouts, Sept. 5th and 6th
Golf Tournament Fundraiser, Oct. 11th
Join the UVM Raquetball Club!
Lake Monsters Invite Students to Last Games
McAuley Fitness Center is looking for a student interested in a work-study position

Follow the link for details on the events mentioned above:

SGA Matters:

First SGA Senate Meeting- Tomorrow, September 1st @ 7:00PM in Livak Ballroom of the Davis Center

Public Forum Guests-         Gail Shampnois, Director of the Office of Student and Community Relations
                                           Alicia Taylor, Coordinator of Off-Campus Services

First Year Elections have begun! If you are a first year, you still have time to get involved and I would encourage you to visit http://www.uvm.edu/sga/?Page=aboutsga/elections.html for more information.  I am looking forward to the elections!

There have been some additional changes to the SGA Senate.  At this time, there are five (5) vacant seats within the SGA Senate: two (2) off-campus seats, and three (3) on-campus seats.  In order to be considered for one of these positions, you must submit an Appointment Application to SGA, which is reviewed by the Appointments Committee and the Senate.  To learn more about the Appointments Process, visit the SGA website and proceed to http://www.uvm.edu/sga/?Page=aboutsga/elections.html (scroll to the bottom of the page).  Here, you may submit an application by visiting The Lynx.  Your application will automatically be forwarded to the SGA Vice President, and you will receive a confirmation email after your application has been received.  

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the Appointments Process, or if you would like to know the status of your application, please email Vice President Kate Ash at [log in to unmask].

Please visit www.uvm.edu/sga for more information regarding your SGA.    

Bryce Jones
Student Government Association
University of Vermont

Dudley H. Davis Center
590 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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