In the list below, someone mentioned a computerized system that they will be
trialing. I am curious does anybody have any information about such a

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Question from last week:
My Education Department is interested in knowing how other hospitals certify
employees for CPR/BLS-which is required for some job positions.
Currently, we set up times throughout the year, several times per month,
offering renewal and initial training courses, taught by those trained by
the American Heart Association (who are hospital employees).  Would you tell
me this is accomplished at your hospital?


We are currently doing that, however are moving toward on-line resources
provided through Healthstream Learning System - which we use for our
other staff education.

Our education department has 1 FTE who travels throughout the health system
(7 sites) offering certification check-offs. Classes are taught at each of
the sites on a regular basis by other education staff.

same way as you do

This sounds pretty much like a description of what our hospital does.

this describes what our hospitals do.  However, a computerized system will
be trialed this month.  The idea is it will save time and $.

We do the same. I'm not involved much but I hear from those who are that
no-shows are a problem. They are trying to come up with some penalty, such
as losing a deposit.

We do the training ourselves through the Nursing Education department and
hold the classes at various times in the year in house.  (We have a training
dummy, etc. and staff trained by Am Heart Assoc to provide CPR training.)
We also teach Neonatal Resuscitation.

We do it the same way.

Our hospital does this also. Our library houses the books people need & we
check them out.

We do the same thing.

Our health system offers renewal and initial classes multiple times per
month.  Employees register for the classes via NetLearning, and the medical
library has the coursebooks to check out for the classes.  I do not know if
the instructors are our employees or AHA employees.

We do the same.  Some of the unit educators can recertify their own
employees.  The same is done for PALS and ACLS.
The process she describes sounds like ours. I'm the coordinator of the
training center and we have classes scheduled throughout the year taught by
hospital employees who are certified to teach AHA BLS classes.

GSH has established a contract with Life ED, an American Heart Association
National Training Center to provide BLS, ACLS, and PALS certifications, both
provider and renewal several times a year.

Because of time, space, and instructor limitations we only provide CPR
certifications and no re-certifications. According to the video there is
only about 1 hour difference in presentation time. We offer 2 a month.
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