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Coleman CI. A clinician's perspective on rating the strength of evidence
in a systematic review.
Pharmacotherapy 2009 Sep; 29(9): 1017-29.
From the abstract: "In this article, we provide a better understanding
of the key criteria or domains that should be considered when rating the
strength of a body of evidence, why they are important, and the domains
included in some of the validated and commonly used scales."

Mirsky S. Cache and carry: the best answer yet to what's black and white
and read all over.
Scientific American 2009 Sep; 301(3): 104.
(Talks about the Kindle)

Renear AH. Strategic reading, ontologies, and the future of scientific
Science 2009 Aug 14; 325(5942): 828-32.
From the abstract: "Accelerated and enhanced  by reading tools that take
advantage of ontologies, reading practices will become even more rapid
and indirect, transforming the ways in which scientists engage the
literature and shaping the evolution of scientific publishing."

McLaughlin H. What's in a name: client, patient, customer, consumer,
expert by experience, service user - what's next?
British Journal of Social Work 2009 Sep; 39(6): 1101-17.
(Although this is in a social work journal, this could apply to

Johnson C. Tools of the trade for on-the-go physicians.
Medicine on the Net 2009 Aug; 15(8): 1-4.
(mainly discusses Epocrates)

The August 2009 Medicine on the Net's Healthcare Guide to the Internet's
topics are:
1)	Psoriasis, page 10-16, and 2) Vision, page 17-24.

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