I have yet to ride cross-country or cross-state, but back when I was a lad, I rode the Passau-Vienna leg of the Donauradweg (Danube Bike Trail: Unlike most people, I rode the path in both directions, so the round-trip mileage, including sidetrips, was somewhere between four and five hundred miles. I rode at a reasonable pace on a five-speed bike I picked up used for about thirty dollars.

If you are interested in multi-day bike trips, the Passau-Vienna leg offers a superb introduction. The path is paved, well-signed, and separate from roads most of the time. It merges with auto traffic generally when winding through the small medieval villages that dot the Danube. You cycle past majestic monasteries, through Austria's finest vineyards (the Wachau), and under the guard of castles--including one, Dürnstein, where Richard the Lion-Hearted was held captive. Countless routes branching away from the river offer splendid opportunities to see more of the countryside--and more elevation change.  Bed and breakfasts, "Pensions," that cater to cyclists line the trail, and crossing the great river is facilitated by ferries specifically intended for bikers. Vienna merits a visit on its own. Oh, and the reeb is quite servicable. A few I recommend include Schloss Eggenberg (You can get their Samichlaus here in the States.), Freistädter Bier, Ottakringer, undsoweiterundsofort...

I exhort everyone to bike this route at least once in their lives. I've advised non-German-speaking Americans who have returned raving about their experiences. I am, of course, happy to do the same for any Skivittler.

Ben K.

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Evan's ride prompts me to link this from another forum,

Has anyone done one of these, or any of the multi day ride across a state events?  The appeal to me is that it's not a race.  I could get into a recreational ride across quiet countryside.  It would require some serious training of course. 
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