I have been out of town and found this item in my email:

From: Hope Leman
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 4:56 AM
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: Interesting opportunity for software development help from
engineering students

Hello, everyone. I would like to draw your attention to a rather
intriguing, exciting opportunity for librarians to interest the coming
generation of engineers in the world of library technology and in the
development of research-related software.

I received the message below because I belong to various software
developments groups here in Corvallis, Oregon. I wrote to some of the
people I know in the Open Science community and they seemed intrigued by
the idea of harnessing the software skills and enthusiasm of Dr. Bailey’s
students for the cause of Open Science. Dr Bailey responded very
courteously saying that project proposals could indeed be submitted by
people out of state and that the students and the proposers could work
together remotely.

I think this is an excellent opportunity for us in the world of medical
librarianship in several respects. First, it is an opportunity for those of
us with ideas for technologies but who lack the requisite software
expertise to determine if our ideas are feasible and, with luck, see a
product developed that we could put to use. Second, it is an opportunity to
build bridges with young technologists who may not have heard about medical
libraries and clinical research. Third, this program could serve as a model
of engaging engineering students in the world of software design for
medical libraries and clinical and basic research.

It is really quite easy to upload ideas to the site. I have done so myself:

Indeed, the process is really quite fascinating and helps one crystallize
her own thinking about possible ideas for software development.

Even if our projects are not selected, we will have done a bit to increase
awareness among engineers (and those who read through the list of
proposals, which we could all tweet) about the activities of medical
libraries and clinical and basic science researchers.

Please feel free to post this notice to other library and biomedical news

Please note that the deadline is September 28, 2009.

Thanks for listening.

Hope Leman
Research Information Technologist
Center for Health Research
and Quality
Samaritan Health Services
815 NW 9th Street Suite 203A
Corvallis OR 97330
Telephone (541) 768-5712