Hello CKP Volunteers,

As the weather changes and we enter flu season, there are a few guidelines
that CDC suggests programs dealing with high school and college volunteers

   - Volunteers who currently have or have had H1N1 in the previous 7 days
   should not volunteer for at least 7 days after their symptoms began or until
   they have been symptom-free for 24 hours, whichever is longer.
   - If a volunteer has been diagnosed with H1N1, we must notify all partner
   agencies that person delivered to or worked with in the last 5-7 days --
   please let us know if you volunteered with us and you got sick within a week
   of that date!
   - If you have been exposed to a person with H1N1 in the 7 days prior, you
   may volunteer but closely self-monitor and report development of symptoms

The bottom line is let us know if you're sick and can't come volunteer,
'cause if you come when you're sick we'll send you home to get better
anyway! Don't mean to scare anyone, but for food safety reasons we do have
to make you all aware of the protocol.

Stay healthy!