The Nightmare of Hunger and Homelessness is upon us~ for many, where they will find a meal is a question they must answer daily.

But there is hope! We at Campus Kitchens are the Full-Moon Food Drivers, the Fangs of Food Security, yea- we are the Black Cats of Caring and we are about to begin our annual Frankenfood-Drive to bring down hunger!!

JOIN US!! - as we howl through town on Halloween night to gather donations from those homes that would serve their fellow humans who face hunger daily here in Burlington.  The food we gather will be donated to the Chittenden County Emergency Food Shelf here in Burlington!

We ride off at 6pm from the uppermost level of the parking garage at the Gutterson Complex and plan to be back at the same location by about 8pm~

Wear your Halloween best! Just don't be invisible.

We are in need of a horse-person with carriage for every 4 helpers- we are looking for a group of 8 to 12 helpers,

Please bring your friends, we can feed them to the monster.

Contact the Cloaked Coordinator Jon Gonzalez to donate your life, I mean your time, to this cause.  [log in to unmask]

Thank you!

Jon Gonzalez
Campus Kitchens