Good Afternoon -

We are scheduled to have a Davis Advisory Committee meeting this  
Friday from 7:30 - 9 AM.  Breakfast will be available.  We will plan  
to start promptly at 7:30, so please try to be on time.  I have  
attached a few items for your study and review.  Some are general DAC  
overview material for new members, some are pieces of general update  
information, and others are specific to discussion items for Friday.   
An agenda for our meeting includes:

1.  Introductions
2.  Questions related to purpose of DAC
3.  Informational Items
	Traffic counts - 2008 - 2009; thus far this fall
	Year end report
	Ethos audit this fall
	Programming Checklist (attached)
	Galaxy Space Assignments and Use
	Special Requests subcommittee
4.  Discussion Items
	Space Access Policy (old and new version attached)
	Operating Hours



Patrick Brown
Director of Student Life and the
	Dudley H. Davis Center
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(802) 656-2060

The Department of Student Life's mission is to foster an inclusive  
culture of student leadership development, community involvement, and  
programming in order to develop a socially just community of lifelong