I have discussed with Dr. John Cohn to provide a lecture on his design experience on the show the Colony (check it out - Discover
network - you may be able to watch a stored episode). during the show, clean water was a key challenge with the group building
both a sand filter, and also an ozone-ator.

John, is a very knowledgeable scientist / engineer including being a Distinguished, IBM Fellow, and Master Inventor. He has a very broad
contact base of artisan, craftsmen/ladies, and volunteer groups (he provides key support to both the Echo center and the Haunted
Forest, along with participation in a large build at this year's Burning Man's festival.

So, I am thinking a UVM lecture, sponsored by the EWB, with a broader audience, but,, used the slot, to also promote the current
activities of the group.

John is excited to begin some form of association with EWB.

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