Hello everyone!

A HUGE thanks to Professor Baker for donating his time today and
updating new members on our two current projects.  We feel like it was
very beneficial to learn exactly where our projects fit in the larger
picture of Honduras.

We have attached some important things:
- minutes from the meeting today...the notes on Professor Bakers
presentation do not by any means explain all of the details, but I
tried to capture the overall ideas.
- the fundraiser invitation so you can print some out and pass them around.
- Krispy Kreme order form

All of these things will be posted on Lynx, so check them out sometime!

Here is the poll for our up coming bake sale and krispy kremem sale :

Remember, the member who pre-sells the most boxes of Krispy Kremes  
will get an ipod shuffle!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Abby and Tammy