I'm going to try to make it to the mtg tonight.
I will be going to Ecuador on Nov7 thru Nov 23, so I will miss the banquet.
I plan to contribute with the Salsa for the raffle. I  will also donate my
banquet  fee.


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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to see many of you tonight at our meeting. We have some
more business things to go over, and there will be time for groups to
meet if they need to.

Whether you're attending tonight or not, I do want to remind everyone
that I need a final head count for the banquet by Thursday night. I am
a little concerned about the lack of response our invitations have
received, but I am hopeful for a large student turn out (after all, it
is our night to celebrate our club!). So, if you are coming, please
respond to me tonight. The cost is $12 (for your food). Again, Brianna
and I need to order the food Friday--so a final head count is needed!