Fellow UVMers,

I hope everyone enjoyed this past Homecoming Weekend and got to participate
in some of the events like Harvest Fest, BSUís Soul Food Social, Moon
Festival, first game of the hockey season, and much more that occurred. I
have a couple of quick comments Iíd like to make, but I will make them

The Public Relations Committee of SGA has launched the first Vermont Student
Opinion Poll for the semester.  This is a great way to give some feedback to
the SGA on a few issues that are coming up very soon.  I know the SGA
Senators are very eager to hear your responses!  The steps to fill out the
VSOP are as follows:

1. Log onto the Lynx (
2. Type in this into the URL
3. Click on Vermont Student Opinion Poll (VSOP) October 2009
4. Fill out the survey!


1. Log onto the Lynx (
2. Search SGA Senate- Public Relations Commitee (Public Relations)
3. Click on Surveys/Forms
4. Click on Vermont Student Opinion Poll (VSOP) October 2009

UVMtv has been going live the past couple of weeks with their new show and I
would encourage all students to start watching them! They air on Sundayís at
7:00pm on Channel 12 if you have the channels that correspond with the cable
provided on campus.

As a reminder, the SGA will be hosting a few folks from the Keep Local Foods
program, including the Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Roger Allbee, this
Tuesday, Oct. 6th at 7:00PM in the Livak Ballroom of the Davis Center.  Come
to hear more about the context of this issue and what the goals are for this
initiative.  Folks are more than welcome and encouraged to come with
questions.  Again, to get a foundation of KLF visit

On a final note, the Interim Solicitation Policy has been taken down because
interim policies are only allowed to exist for a certain period of time and
it is currently being marked up.  The Administration should be distributing
it out to the campus shortly for a comment period and I will make sure to
let you know when that period it once we are given that information.  There
are senators who have many concerns with the interim version and we will
definitely be vocalizing our problems with it.  I would ask that you send
any comments that you have about it to myself or to senators once it is
publicized.  We will be posting the temporary version on our website so that
you can read the edited language and comment before it is finalized and
enforced.  In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to email me
at [log in to unmask]

Enjoy the short week, and have a very relaxing Fall Recess!

Take it easy,



Important Message:

Many of you already know that we lost a fellow student this past weekend.
 Jamesí family and friends, who will sorely miss his charisma and infectious
smile, deserve our support.  Whether you knew him well, or just recognized
him as a friendly face in the Davis Center, please take a few moments to
reflect on the fragility of life.  We should all strive to live every day
with the zest that James did.

A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, October 7th at 12:15pm at the
Howard Fountain on the Main Green.


From the SGA Presidentís Email This Week:

Adult CPR/First Aid Recertification and New Certification Classes
Calling all cooks for Noche de Cultura!
Tie Dye with ADPi - Wednesday, Oct. 7th
Mortor Board Bake Sale - Wednesday, Oct. 7th
Apply to be an Alternative Spring Break Leader!
Golf Tournament Fundraiser - Sunday, Oct. 11th
Salsa Dance - Friday, Oct. 16th
Candle-lit Vigil and Survivor Speak Out, Oct 22nd
Battle of the Bands hosted by the University Program Board: October
Vermont Research Awards
This Week in Vermont Athletics

For more information on these topics visit .


SGA Matters:

Interested in learning more about your SGA and staying up to date with all
of the important University issues?  Are you also a skilled typist and can
pay good attention to detail?  Are you looking for a job on campus?  SGA is
seeking a new Minute-Taker, a position that is paid and also available for
all students eligible for Work-Study.  This position requires a Tuesday
night commitment, as well as editing skills and an interest in learning
about your SGA!  If interested, contact SGA Vice President Kate Ash at
[log in to unmask]

The Davis Center Advisory Board Galaxy Space subcommittee is excited to
announce several recent club additions to the SGA Galaxy Space! Just this
past week, six new clubs were granted desk space (see the list below), and
we encourage you to learn more about any of these clubs, or meet these club
leaders by stopping by the SGA Galaxy Space on the Davis Center third floor.
 To learn more about the SGA Galaxy Space and how it can be a resource for
you, contact SGA Vice President Kate Ash at [log in to unmask]

-Swing and Salsa Society
-UVM Cycling Team
-International Socialist Organization
-Students Taking Action Now Darfur (STAND)
-Club Sports Council
-Women's Ice Hockey Team

Next SGA Meeting
-Tuesday, Oct. 6th at 7:00PM in the Livak Ballroom

Public Forum Guests
-Roger Allbee, Secretary of Agriculture for Vermont Agency of Agriculture,
Food & Markets
-Diane Bothfeld, Dairy Policy Administrator
-Jan Stallone, Regional Marketing Manager for New England Diary Promotion
-Melissa Zelazny, General Manager of Sodexo Food Services

New Business
-(for October 13th) Amendment to Operational Documents, SGA Appointments

For more information on your SGA visit!

Bryce Jones
Student Government Association
University of Vermont

Dudley H. Davis Center
590 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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