I was wondering if folks could respond directly to the person they are talking to instead of using the list serve for conversations. Some days I have 5 messages of a back and forth conversation from the VVBG folks. Is it possible to  reply/speak directly to the person you are talking to instead of hitting reply to all of us? Please !! Sorry to be a wet sock but  the daily emails are too much and do not relate to all of us. Thanks.

Alicia J.

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Norman Paul wrote:
> Your last chance is August Harvest......then there is a kid named
> andrew Knafel who was selling it in Vermont ( it is big and beautiful
> ).. I bought some it is an old variety of Jack Manix!!! Now ain't that
> a coinsidence!!! Andrew is [log in to unmask] the other is    
> info@augustharvet.com.......get to it ....Dog
> thanks again for the spuds...please send an invoice so I know in my
> head how many pounds you are thinking you gave us.....skippy
Well, I scored 75 lbs from Andy... small world gets smaller. Glad to
find you think its a nice type.
As far as the spuds, figure on a ton, deduct your gradeouts and give us
something/ anything for the marketable. fortunes will not be lost or
gained on this transaction....

However, tribal war will break out if the plastic bin dissapears!

It looks like you  might have 5 extra hands for the market on the 17th.
Is that ok to bring that many. We will bring bags and pads, but Monty
is  interested in herbs and marketing(wants to grow ginger) and  Jenny
and  Ray want to see the truck/infrastructure.  Anne wants to  help liz
slay sneeky Russians. Me, I want to boogey board....let us know if this
would be overwhelming, we dont want to make things worse...