For those of us who have IT departments that will not allow any browsers other than IE, this is not good.  We need to register all complaints on the Feedback link to let them know that these "enhancements" are not acceptable and will not work in the real library world.
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I just tested in Firefox and you can get around this obstacle by selecting your own link colors and instructing the browser to override colors of the Web page. It is under Tools > Options > Content > Colors. But the changes are baffling, counterintuitive, and probably irreversible. But that has not kept me from registering my complaints via the Feedback link.

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Amen to all your comments.  These are important features for efficient searching.  I think the "published in the last" is absolutely critical as a LIMIT rather than part of the search string; not only does it obscure your strategy but you also have to re-enter it every time you revise your search!  Talk about extra (wasted) time!

And to add to your comment about the Related Articles links:  it's not just that you have to click for every result to see them, the link no longer changes color like it used to, so now you can't tell whether you've already checked the Relateds for that particular when it shows up in your next set you look again....

My users already know they can Google-search PubMed; this will drive them off in droves.

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> I've noticed a few things in PubMed that I had to comment on.
> When you have items in the clipboard they no longer show up with their number as green. There is a notation at the bottom of the summary in green that says "item in clipboard". Granted this can't be missed like a green number might be, but when in the abstract mode this is the last thing that you see unless you scroll to the bottom of the abstract and then scroll back to the top of the item to read the abstract. Couldn't this notation be placed at the top of the citation somewhere? When I am doing huge searches I don't remember the titles of each item I have placed in the clipboard!
> Also, where did Abstract Plus go? It was a great way to scan for additional titles in a search and very fast too since you could see them all on the screen without having to click on each "related articles".
> The limits I find challenging as well. We use the "Published in the last..." all the time. Now not only is that feature difficult to find it is not nearly as user friendly. I also find it a pain that this limit then shows up as part of my search, pushing my search almost out of the viewing area on the search box. If I want to keep the limit but change my search keywords I must click on the search box and arrow over. Couldn't this show up AFTER or not at all?
> I do like the cleaner look but will have a lot to get used to with added clicks for so many of the commands.
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