I haven't heard much about the new gliding baseplate Eagles, but they look 
intriguing.  No reviews on yet either.


And yes, Jonathan, I read your sorta-snooty site review on the *now heavier* 
new Dynafit Vertical.

Actually, it was the *only* positive comment on that binding, while there 
were 56 of us great unwashed praisin' the F-Freerides, by my count.

I'd like to add that my FFrides worked like a absolute charm skinning those 
10,000' volcanos at Termas de Chillan in Chile this summer.  The only 
downside I have experienced was the hit to my ego watching some crampon 
equipped young germans on FFRs absolutely *crush* the steepest part of the 
live cone, literally scampering straight up last 200 vertical metres, 
thereby beating to me to the previously empty summit in the process.

If only I would have been on Dynafits!!!


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