Congrats to both Aquanaut and Ranger Renson for their paddling achievements.

The Lehigh at 3000cfs is a hoot. I am wondering why Dan didn't take his blue 
Dagger GT on the Lehigh...that boat would have been most appropriate and 
fun. I'm also wondering what Dan is doing with a Dragorossi raceboat.

I am in the same "boat" as far as progression in a new sport in windsurfing. I 
am stuck in the intermediate rut. I have gotten through the learning curve of 
the "combat roll" equivalent, the waterstart, but am having trouble with 
getting full control on plane, in the foot straps.

I can't blame the equipment. I blame 2 things....age and location.

By not having steady planing winds on our lake learning can be very difficult, 
as we don't have ideal conditions. It's like learning how to ski deep powder 
when you only get 3-6" of snow, once in a while and the very rare deep-snow 
blizzard. A 20-25mph day is the equivalent of a powder day. a 15-20mph day 
is the equivalent of a 3-6" snowfall. 

I can schlog along in good form in the 10-12mph range, with the occasional 
plane like a pro...the equivalent of skiing a groomed run.

Age is another factor I believe, because the younger and more athletically 
inclined people seem to pick it up much quicker than this ole gal. My friends 
who are just over 30 years old have caught up to me in 1 year (I've been at it 
for 5 years) but one is a petite and muscular gymnast and the other is a 
trained and athletic soldier (I think he's a Marine, and interestingly a political 

New sports are fun and keep us challenged and off the streets...but it is 
definitely a lot harder to find the glory of achievement.

Skiing is still my favorite sport though...these other sports are just things to 
do when there is no snow to keep me entertained, challenged and in shape in 
the "off-season".

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