My first question:

1) are their tutorials on the use of the new PubMed available.  I just
clicked on tutorials on the new PubMed site and it directs to tutorials
concerning the old site.

2) I am trying to grapple with filters and lack of limits . Am I correct
that anyone who uses PubMed and wants to set limits must now register
and sign in through MYNCBI and use filters?  I had to do three searches
with physicians yesterday and when I started to have them register with
MYNCBI, they all groaned about another password. Some use MyNCBI
perfectly but I find this is a very small number of specialists. At this
point I would say it is only 5-8%of my physicians. They all said they
would let me do the searching. 

3) I miss the green indicator numbers for clipboard items in the summary
format greatly. This was a very important tool for me in my daily

4) I am concerned about various aspects of the connection to the server.
I find that when I get results on the screen and wait for the screen to
populate, then I click on the screen and it refreshes itself...that
takes time... that was a big problem yesterday.

5)good point...I like the ability to bring up the MeSH headings for
individual articles - that is great. 

6) I know there are more questions I have - I really need some quick and
easy answers.  


I apologize for relying on the collective knowledge of this wonderful
group but as I jump through hoops trying to get the necessary work of
the day done, I find myself at a loss for the time it takes to work my
way through this. I spent the other evening at home working on this and
anticipate that I will be spending much of my free time working on this.


Thanks ....


Patricia Reynolds, MLIS

Director, Bishopric Medical Library

Sarasota Memorial Hospital
1700 S. Tamiami Trail

Sarasota, FL 34239



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