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During the week of November 9, 2009, the Regional Educational Technology 
Network (RETN), the Center for Research on Vermont's public-access 
television partner, will broadcast two Center for Research on 
Vermont-sponsored programs:

(1) "'Exiled From the World': Charlie Dubois's Three Years of Civil War 
Service " by Michael Stanton, Emeritus, English, University of Vermont:

    Professor Michael Stanton discusses the memoir of Peacham, VT, Civil
    War veteran Charles Dubois, which contradicts several well-known
    Civil War legends. Dubois served in the Union Army from July 1861 to
    July 1864. The memoir of his experiences, which Dr. Stanton has been
    transcribing and annotating, was written some 50 years after he saw

The program, which runs 48 minutes, was originally presented as 
Research-in-Progress Seminar #196 on February 23, 2006.  It airs on 
Comcast Cable on Channel 16 (both North and South) as follows:

        Tuesday, November 10, 2009, at 3 A.M.
         -  repeats at 9 A.M.
          - repeats at 3 P.M.:
        Also available as video on demand at <>.

(2) *Premiere*: "Imagining Vermont: Process and Results of The Council 
on the Future of Vermont " by Paul Costello and Sarah Waring, Vermont 
Council on Rural Development:

    Community, Environment, Hard Work, Independence, Privacy, Small
    Scale -- these are the identified common values of Vermont residents
    that the new report, "Imagining Vermont: Values and Vision for the
    Future" describes. In this seminar, Paul Costello and Sarah Waring
    will share the results of the two-year Council on the Future of
    Vermont project.

    Following in the path of statewide public dialogue projects from
    decades past, the Council on the Future of Vermont combined many
    months of public forums, focus groups and listening sessions, with
    statistically significant polling data and trend line research. The
    finished product is a reflection of Vermonters' values, concerns and
    priorities, which compares and contrasts the trend lines and history
    of Vermont public policy issues with the common understandings of
    Vermonters today.

    Costello and Waring give an overview of the process of the project,
    including the key findings from public dialogues, the historical
    background to the project, and the significant changes over time
    uncovered in research and polling. The results of the project are
    categorized into six topic areas: Vermont Community, Vermont
    Economy, Landscape and Natural Resources, Youth and Education,
    Health/Transportation/Safety, and Vermont Civic Culture.

The program has a runtime of 1 hour and 5 minutes. It was presented as a 
Research Seminar on October 15, 2009. It can be viewed on Channel 16 
(both North and South) as follows:

        Wednesday, November 11, 2009, at  *9:00 P.M.* - Please note the 
time, which is different from the usual schedule.
                        repeats at                          midnight
         Thursday, November 12, 2009, at    11:00 A.M.
         Also available as video on demand at <>.

Note about Center programs that are available on video on demand: If you 
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communities that RETN serves), you may view this and other recent Center 
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For more information about RETN's schedule, please visit the RETN Web 
site at < <>> or contact RETN directly 
at 802-654-7980. The schedule is usually the same for both RETN North 
(Comcast Channel 16 in Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, Williston, and 
Winooski) and RETN South (Comcast Channel 16 in Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, 
Hinesburg, Shelburne, and Vergennes).


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