Hi everyone!

First off I'd like to thank everyone for selling/purchasing Krispy  
Kreme's today! Numbers are still coming in but we're hoping for a  
profit +/- $700. I'll keep you posted with final numbers! A very big  
thanks to Liz and Sebastian for getting up at 2am and driving all day  
to get the donuts fresh! An even bigger thanks to Sebastian for taking  
Mackenzie and I to South Burlington to polish off the extra 40 dozen  
we were unable to sell. Nice work everyone!

We will be having a work meeting on Wednesday for each of the two  
groups. The water group will be testing their fero cement samples in  
the materials testing lab--if you like destruction you don't want to  
miss this! The oven group will also be meeting:

Hey Oven Group!

Heres our update, sorry for the delay!  Last wednesday we had great  
success in makingover 120 nicely sanded wooden blocks.  A big thanks  
to Carlos and Sebastian for bringing the chop saws and Mackenzie,  
Halley, Ryan and Kristina for all your help.  Ryan thanks for donating  
your sandpaper.  Sebastian thanks for taking that last minute drive to  
Lowes to get more wood.

So it is super crucial that everyone come to the meeting this  
wednesday so we can throw these bricks together to finally get a  
visual. Also I would like to go over the summary of our project (why  
is this project important?) and write down a detailed plan.  It would  
be great to see everyone there!

See you Wednesday!


Also remember the Banquet is this Saturday. There has been very little  
student response, so if you're going and you haven't mentioned it to  
me yet please do that by tomorrow. Everything seems in order  
otherwise! I am looking forward to a fun night!

See everyone Wednesday!