I have reserved the trailer.

Planning to pull out of the station on Sunday around 3:00 AM. Arrival time to Krispy Kreme around 7:00. quick load, and a return back to UVM
between 11-12, we can use cell phones to tune the arrival time down.

Sebastian Ventrone

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Krispy Kremes and other fun
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Hi all,

Just a reminder that your Krispy Kreme pre order forms are due  
tomorrow. You can drop them off to either myself or the other club  
officers. Just make sure you bring them tomorrow. If you have any  
questions, please feel free to email!

Also, if you are interested in helping make centerpieces and display  
boards for the banquet, we will be meeting in the atrium of the DC  
this Saturday (11/7) at 11am. After a quick look at the room, help  
will be needed with the final finer details. Please email Mackenzie  
([log in to unmask]) if you can come (Please make a couple hours and  
help out).

The Bake Sale was very productive! We totaled out at $106. Great Job!  
Thanks to all who helped out and baked! We'd like to plan another bake  
sale before Thanksgiving break!