Hi Anne:

 I've used a dichloromethanol and methanol for lipid extraction to prepare 
fish muscle and liver for analysis, and also collected the lipids. It is a 
method slightly modified from Ruiz et al 2007, and it seems very reliable 
given my replicate results.

Dichloromethanol and methanol are made up into two solutions at 1:2 and 
2:1 v/v. The freeze-dried, finely ground and screened tissues are first 
steeped in the 1:2 v/v solution for two hours, then centrifuged and the 
solution retained for extracted lipids. The sample is then steeped in the 
1:1 v/v solution for two hours, centrifuged, solution retained for 
extracted lipids, then the de-lipidised material washed exhaustively in 
deionized water.  I would suggest a preliminary rotary evaporation of the 
de-lipidised sample before freezedrying.

Ruiz, N., Dubois, N., Wielgosz-Collin, G., du Pont, T. R., Berge, J.-.P, 
Pouchus, Y. F., Barnathan., G. (2007). Lipid content and fatty acid 
composition of a marine-derived Trichoderma longibrachiatum strain cultured by agar surface and submerged
fermentations. Process Biochemistry 42, 676?680 

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While looking at the scientific literature, there seems to be quite a
spread of solvents used to extract lipids from tissues ultimately
analyzing the tissue for 15N & 13C.  New to this, I am trying to veer
from the chloroform/methanol solution.  Are there any other solvents
that people are happy using generating  accurate isotopic results?  I
ultimately plan on capturing the lipid fraction and analyzing 15N & 13C
as well as the lipid extracted muscle tissue.

Thanks, Anne

Anne M. Cotter
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