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We use double distilled dichloromethane (DCM) as the solvent of choice for removing lipids from tissue samples and extracting lipids for analysis from soils and plant material. We use a Dionex accelerated solvent extractor(ASE 200) run at 100oC and 2000psi - two 5-minute cycles recovers all the lipids. 



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While looking at the scientific literature, there seems to be quite a
spread of solvents used to extract lipids from tissues ultimately
analyzing the tissue for 15N & 13C.  New to this, I am trying to veer
from the chloroform/methanol solution.  Are there any other solvents
that people are happy using generating  accurate isotopic results?  I
ultimately plan on capturing the lipid fraction and analyzing 15N & 13C
as well as the lipid extracted muscle tissue.

Thanks, Anne

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