I remember the Varian MAT 250 with the HP calculator.  We had one at the University of Illinois.  It was really super compared to our old Nuclide with the mercury pistons and the balance panels.


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Did I detect a Freudian slip here - I recall that Finnigan MAT sold
the 250 IRMS

Anyway, from one of those who well remembers the orange giants while
at the BGR, there was/is a port of the software from the HP 9815 to a
PC base (some basic pre-386). Track down Ingolf Dumke at the BGR and
he may be able to help. There were others who did the same, but in my
demented state - triggered by lascivious thoughts of the ol' 250
workhorses - I can't remember.

Gee, I can remember Eckhard Faber and I though scouring Germany for
the remaining HP 9815 back in the mid- '80's.

Good luck.



>Hello,                   November 2, 2009
>      We have a Varian MAT 250 isotope ratio mass spectrometer (SN#
>8223).  This instrument was manufactured in December 1979, a year or
>more before MAT was purchased by Finnigan.  Unlike the subsequent 251
>model, which used an Apple II computer, our MAT 250 uses a Hewlett
>Packard 9815a calculator/computer to operate the mass spectrometer.
>The hp 9815a calculator/MAT 250 system came with a set of programs on
>DC 100 cassette tapes.  Some of these tapes were pre-programmed by hp,
>and some were pre-programmed by the MAT factory at Bremen.
>      Does anyone still have a Varian/Finnigan MAT 250, or a Hewlett
>Packard 9815a calculator/computer, or any of the program tapes for
>this instrument?
>      Thank you, very much!
>                      Sincerely, Frank Simpson
>University of Wisconsin, USA
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