The paper to which Professor Whiticar refers can be downloaded from


Curt Brunnee, 1997, 50 Years of MAT in Bremen. Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry, 11, 694-707 


Charles B. Douthitt



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Dear Isotopologists,


Well, the slip was mine, as Chuck Douthitt kindly 

pointed out that Varian actually owned MAT from 

1967-1981. Clearly, the dementia has set in for 



I had to Chuckle at the "etwas geschmacklos" 

advertisement that he sent me (which I would 

shamelessly pass on to you here, but the 

listserve rejects attachments - unlike flies on a 



Of more interest is the Curt Burnnée RCMS article 

that describes the early years. Although for some 

of us it was mercilessly not so long ago, I can 

remember a talk at the Gordon Conference that 

once referred to some less recent work as "...way 

back in the '90s!"  hmmmm.


Again I can not attach the paper here for your 

amusement, but if you would like a copy drop me 

an email offline. (Curt Burnnée, 1997, Rapid 

Commun. Mass Spectrom 11, 694-707).


Best wishes,








>Did I detect a Freudian slip here - I recall 

>that Finnigan MAT sold the 250 IRMS


>Anyway, from one of those who well remembers the 

>orange giants while at the BGR, there was/is a 

>port of the software from the HP 9815 to a PC 

>base (some basic pre-386). Track down Ingolf 

>Dumke at the BGR and he may be able to help. 

>There were others who did the same, but in my 

>demented state - triggered by lascivious 

>thoughts of the ol' 250 workhorses - I can't 



>Gee, I can remember Eckhard Faber and I though 

>scouring Germany for the remaining HP 9815 back 

>in the mid- '80's.


>Good luck.






>>Hello,                   November 2, 2009


>>      We have a Varian MAT 250 isotope ratio mass spectrometer (SN#

>>8223).  This instrument was manufactured in December 1979, a year or

>>more before MAT was purchased by Finnigan.  Unlike the subsequent 251

>>model, which used an Apple II computer, our MAT 250 uses a Hewlett

>>Packard 9815a calculator/computer to operate the mass spectrometer.

>>The hp 9815a calculator/MAT 250 system came with a set of programs on

>>DC 100 cassette tapes.  Some of these tapes were pre-programmed by hp,

>>and some were pre-programmed by the MAT factory at Bremen.


>>      Does anyone still have a Varian/Finnigan MAT 250, or a Hewlett

>>Packard 9815a calculator/computer, or any of the program tapes for

>>this instrument?


>>      Thank you, very much!



>>                      Sincerely, Frank Simpson



>>University of Wisconsin, USA

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