Dear All,

We are mainly carrying out Oxygen and Hydrogen water sample anaysis with EA
We do water oxygen analysis with 1230 degree. The rectortor is ceramic
inside glassy carbon reactor with %30 Ni plated carbon powder.

Our problem is the high temp oven. It  burnt out three times in last 2 years. 

1.Is there any way to repair it?IT seems us difficult to repair.
2.Is it common that oven is burnt so frequently?
3.What teperature do you usually do oxygen analysis?Do you achive lover temp
than 1230_?
4.Do you have other alternatives for reactives for lower temerature?

Any information will be useful for us. It is an expensive part and 3 times
burnouts in 2 years cost. Considering future burnouts, we are trying to find
a solution other than just replacing it.

Best Regards
Turhan Dogan