At 02:27 PM 11/11/2009, Dean Williams wrote:
>download site now carries this clarification of the NOD32 license:
>Licensed for UVM students on personally-owned computers and for 
>faculty/staff on UVM-owned computers only.

This is news to me. I thought all along that NOD32, and Norton 
Anti-virus before it, were licensed for home use for all UVM 
affiliates. Isn't the idea to make it as easy as possible for the UVM 
community to keep their computers virus-free, so as not to infect the 
campus network?

If the license really does not include faculty/staff personally owned 
computers, I think we should upgrade the license so that it does.

Many/most of us use personally owned computers to do UVM work from 
home, and there is also a gray area with, say, my laptop that was 
paid for partly by my department and partly by me. Is that UVM owned, 
or personally owned?

Helen Read
Senior Lecturer
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Vermont