Yes the cartridges are separate, but what we've found is that although you will burn through more black than anything else, people will print in color if they can print in color. 

There is a high capacity cartridge that is rated for 7000 pages but I'm not sure if you have to remove one of the colors to install the thing?

On Nov 20, 2009, at 10:45 AM, Chris Lamson wrote:

Thanks Andrew,

I'll look into low end copier options. Our current copier is complete overkill (long story but we sort of  "inherited" it from a larger dept) so we're paying way too much at the moment. 

I anticipate our toner costs will be lower, black and white being our primary usage. I think the separate cartridges allow you to fill each one separately so you only need to replace what's low (I need to confirm that).  Green seems to be a popular color here at UVM.  ;-)


Andrew Hendrickson wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">I like HP because their jetdirect print server cards tend to work best over time.

However, HP's drivers have gone downhill in recent years, full of bugs and, in my opinion, overly feature bloated.  Too many things running at startup, nagging you to buy toner, etc.  I haven't really worked on finding a new "favorite printer" vendor because our departments are more interested in concentrating their imaging needs in networked copiers.

Also, make sure that the device's jetdirect isn't one of HP's "workgroup" models that doesn't support LPD (I checked and this printer comes with one that does).  If the jetdirect doesn't support LPD/LPR then you won't be able to print from wireless connected computers to your wired printer, or from computers in different subnets from the printer.  Why?  Because workgroup jetdirects only support Bonjour/mDNS which is a local subnet protocol only, and UVM's wired and wireless networks are in separate subnets.  Many  buildings are broken into multiple subnets (e.g., Waterman).

Expendables on this thing are going to be very expensive.  HP wants $120.00 per cartridge, cartridge life is 2800 to 3500 pages per and there are four in the machine.

So, on average, you're going to spend $480.00 every two months at your image volume, or $2880.00 a year, not including paper.  Of course, your first two months will be "free" since you get a set of cartridges with the product.  

If third party toner options exist, and they may not yet, you could possibly cut your expendable cost in half, but still that works out to $1400.00 a year for a device that originally cost half of that.  Plus when it breaks, you have to either replace it or pay to have it fixed.  Office Equipment Services contracts probably run $300.00 a year for that printer.

Isn't a leased low end color copier  the same or cheaper than the above?  And it's not your problem when it stops working.

On Nov 20, 2009, at 9:52 AM, Chris Lamson wrote:

Our department is not renewing our IKON copier lease this year and have decided to purchase an all in one solution (fax, scanning, color) for a fraction of the cost.   We're a small department, our paper volume is between 1000-2000 sheets/month.  Also - We run both Macs and Windows machines.  We need color, faxing, scanning capabilities, legal and duplexing.

I'm biased towards HP so I'm recommending an HP 2320fxi  for about $750.   Anyone have good/bad experiences with this model?  Or would recommend something else? 

Thanks in advance,
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