Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is protected by a shared account. However, 
the password was recently changed, and the issue happened before anybody 
other than myself knew the password. Its almost like it is being 
systematically changed. I doubt there is any attempt for link checking 
on the web server that would change code?

I wish I could be more specific, but this SAME issue has happened on two 
completely different websites, both of which the least common 
denominator is me... and I didn't change anything. The OSCR site had the 
same change, and though that could have been done by someone else who 
knows that Net ID's password, the rlweb account has a password that I 
myself changed recently when my supervisor went on leave... meaning, at 
the moment, it is only I. I even verified with others around the office 
if they were playing with anything.


Benjamin Coddington wrote:
> Tyler, your data is protected by a shared account, correct?  You'll be 
> unable to track or control changes to your data unless you can control 
> the credentials protecting that data.
> Unfortunately, there's not very much ETS can do to help you in this 
> regard.  Access will appear to come from rlweb.  If you are the 
> authorized owner of this account, you might think about changing the 
> password.
> Ben
> On 11/23/09 2:48 PM, Tyler Whitney wrote:
>> I've got a weird and semi-concerning issue going on here... something
>> (or someone) is changing the code on my department website. I've been
>> asked to create a Census 2010 information page for Residential Life. I
>> did so at ... okay, thats fine. Now,
>> I've been asked to link to it from different pages... first
>> homepage, which worked fine. Then
>> which worked fine. Finally, to help the folks
>> over at OSCR at ... which was all fine.
>> Next thing I know, I received an email from the folks who manage the
>> website over at OSCR stating the census icon next to the link I created
>> is gone. I go back into the code, and I noticed that what I had
>> originally type (<img
>> src=''>) had been
>> changed by something or someone to (<img
>> src='../census2010/images/small-logo.png'>) ... I did not make this
>> change, and the web folks over there say the changed wasn't made on
>> their end. I was very confused, but put it aside because it was Friday.
>> I thought perhaps the web software they use automatically did it.
>> So all has been well until this afternoon when doing other miscellaneous
>> web updates I notice the icon on the ResLife homepage is missing. I go
>> into the code to find the SAME EXACT CHANGE. Unfortunately,
>> whatever/whoever is doing this does not realize that the link will not
>> work like that. My guess is this is something software related? Its
>> certainly not my web software (Dreamweaver) as I have hundreds of other
>> links like that that are never magically changed. On top of that, I
>> haven't edited default.php at all today, which is the homepage. It
>> hasn't even been opened.
>> Does anybody have the slightest clue as to why this is happening? Its a
>> little frustrating/concerning. Any help would be very much appreciated.
>> Tyler


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