"It makes no sense that some evil stealth person, a.k.a. Johnny 
Hackerdude, would covet your password"

are you sure? Maybe Johnny Hackerdude knew my code is so great and 
wanted to steal it? On a serious note though, I do agree... and I never 
really believed it was "someone" but... I guess it was possible... I do, 
however, believe it is software. First I wanted to make sure there was 
no link checking on the UVM ETS end, which Ben Coddington confirmed for 
me. At this point I realized that because it happened with two 
completely different Net ID's and passwords, that it MUST in logical 
possibilities be ME... being the least common denominator among the two 
completely different websites.

"It certainly happened with CS2 and Dreamweaver 8, I don't think I've 
seen it happen with CS4."

I'm glad you mentioned this... I connect to our webspace in so many 
different ways each day, maybe I'm not quite paying attention to what 
software is doing to my links. I'm trying to remember exactly what I was 
using the day I added the links to the Census 2010 page on the different 
pages. I generally use Dreamweaver CS4... but now that you mention CS2, 
I have a computer that uses CS2 and I have Dreamweaver 8 at home... so 
perhaps, at some point along the way, something got jarbled. I really 
appreciate the feedback today... as I said, it was a frustrating 
mystery, because all my OTHER links don't magically relativize 
themselves. This point is well noted, and I will certainly keep an eye 
on what connections I make, and see if anything similar happens again... 
I feel like it must be happening in one of the ways, or with some 
version of the different software options I am connecting with.

Thanks very much for all the feedback on this matter.


Mickey Mossey wrote:
> I've had issues using Dreamweaver on two separate machines to manage 
> the same website similar to this, too.  It certainly happened with CS2 
> and Dreamweaver 8, I don't think I've seen it happen with CS4.  I'm 
> pretty sure it had something to do with locally cached versions of the 
> websites on my machines.... go in on the weekend at home and do a 
> bunch of work, Monday rolls around and I fire it up on my work machine 
> and all the changes I'd made over the weekend were overwritten with 
> the older cached site on my work computer.  I could never figure out a 
> setting to fix this and I got in the habit of backing up my webroot 
> when I knew I was going to go from one place to another.
> David Houston wrote:
>> FWIW.... I believe this is a Dreamweaver issue.  It makes no sense that 
>> some evil stealth person, a.k.a. Johnny Hackerdude, would covet your 
>> password and change only a single file extension.  My, that's bad stuff!
>> It *does* make sense that DW, now under the rubric of Adobe Vadar, and now 
>> operating as "we know what you want, trust us!" operational sensibilities, 
>> would have some small tweak pr preference that decides "no, you really 
>> *do* want .png versions of that image here. Trust us!".
>> I'm not sayin' you, Tyler, committed User Error, but rather that, 
>> unbeknownst to you, DW acted as your prxy and "just did it".
>> I've had equally bizarre experiences with Adobe products. (That's the 
>> company where all the Win3.1 coders fled to)
>> My .025 cents (the price of an upgrade).
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>> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009, Tyler Whitney intoned:
>> TW:Ben,
>> TW:
>> TW:Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is protected by a shared account. However, the
>> TW:password was recently changed, and the issue happened before anybody other
>> TW:than myself knew the password. Its almost like it is being systematically
>> TW:changed. I doubt there is any attempt for link checking on the web server
>> TW:that would change code?
>> TW:
>> TW:I wish I could be more specific, but this SAME issue has happened on two
>> TW:completely different websites, both of which the least common denominator is
>> TW:me... and I didn't change anything. The OSCR site had the same change, and
>> TW:though that could have been done by someone else who knows that Net ID's
>> TW:password, the rlweb account has a password that I myself changed recently
>> TW:when my supervisor went on leave... meaning, at the moment, it is only I. I
>> TW:even verified with others around the office if they were playing with
>> TW:anything.
>> TW:
>> TW:Tyler
>> TW:
>> TW:Benjamin Coddington wrote:
>> TW:> Tyler, your data is protected by a shared account, correct?  You'll be
>> TW:> unable to track or control changes to your data unless you can control the
>> TW:> credentials protecting that data.
>> TW:> 
>> TW:> Unfortunately, there's not very much ETS can do to help you in this regard.
>> TW:> Access will appear to come from rlweb.  If you are the authorized owner of
>> TW:> this account, you might think about changing the password.
>> TW:> 
>> TW:> Ben
>> TW:> 
>> TW:> On 11/23/09 2:48 PM, Tyler Whitney wrote:
>> TW:> > I've got a weird and semi-concerning issue going on here... something
>> TW:> > (or someone) is changing the code on my department website. I've been
>> TW:> > asked to create a Census 2010 information page for Residential Life. I
>> TW:> > did so at ... okay, thats fine. Now,
>> TW:> > I've been asked to link to it from different pages... first
>> TW:> > homepage, which worked fine. Then
>> TW:> > which worked fine. Finally, to help the folks
>> TW:> > over at OSCR at ... which was all fine.
>> TW:> > Next thing I know, I received an email from the folks who manage the
>> TW:> > website over at OSCR stating the census icon next to the link I created
>> TW:> > is gone. I go back into the code, and I noticed that what I had
>> TW:> > originally type (<img
>> TW:> > src=''>) had been
>> TW:> > changed by something or someone to (<img
>> TW:> > src='../census2010/images/small-logo.png'>) ... I did not make this
>> TW:> > change, and the web folks over there say the changed wasn't made on
>> TW:> > their end. I was very confused, but put it aside because it was Friday.
>> TW:> > I thought perhaps the web software they use automatically did it.
>> TW:> > 
>> TW:> > So all has been well until this afternoon when doing other miscellaneous
>> TW:> > web updates I notice the icon on the ResLife homepage is missing. I go
>> TW:> > into the code to find the SAME EXACT CHANGE. Unfortunately,
>> TW:> > whatever/whoever is doing this does not realize that the link will not
>> TW:> > work like that. My guess is this is something software related? Its
>> TW:> > certainly not my web software (Dreamweaver) as I have hundreds of other
>> TW:> > links like that that are never magically changed. On top of that, I
>> TW:> > haven't edited default.php at all today, which is the homepage. It
>> TW:> > hasn't even been opened.
>> TW:> > 
>> TW:> > Does anybody have the slightest clue as to why this is happening? Its a
>> TW:> > little frustrating/concerning. Any help would be very much appreciated.
>> TW:> > 
>> TW:> > Tyler
>> TW:> > 
>> TW:> > 
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