Thanks for that bit of info! For some reason the error reporting 
behavior seems a bit different, it may be just that I need to get used 
to PHP5 again... or simply what you stated, another script somewhere 
included could be changing things, I should be just fine with using

error_reporting(E_ALL); at the beginning of my scripts that I need to debug that don't seem to be giving me errors. Thanks!


Jim Lawson wrote:
> Hi Tyler,
> The default for error_reporting on is "E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE",
> or "report all errors except notices".
> display_errors is on.
> It's possible that some other script that you are including changes the
> error_reporting level.  But, in any event, you should be able to call
> error_reporting(E_ALL) as you like.
> Jim
> Tyler Whitney wrote:
>> Hello All:
>> Just curious, not sure if I missed a previous discussion about this, is
>> error reporting turned off in PHP5? If so, is this on purpose? If so, I
>> should be able to use the function error_reporting( ); in my scripting
>> to turn it on per page to help with debugging am I right? I guess I
>> could simply test it... but my code is so good I have nothing to test it
>> with (haha, more like I spent ages trying to find a missing $) ... thanks.
>> Tyler


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