IT big leagues... that is a good one.  Your opinions are welcome here, 
Rudy.  Especially when they are well framed and supported.

It turns out the so-called "renewal" that ESET sent to my mailbox 
earlier today in, in fact, a copy of last year's license.  Aargh!

So, we will continue to lean on our vendors to get the new license 
issued as soon as possible.  There should be no trouble getting the 
license before the actual product expiration.  Maybe we even can find a 
way to turn off the warning, although there does not appear to be any 
such setting documented in the NOD32 configuration editor.

We will also be updating the site with some 
recommended free antivirus software offerings for personally owned 
computers.  MS Security Essentials and Avira certainly will be top 
contenders.  AVG, in its time, was really the only reasonably good free 
antivirus program available for Windows.  However, the field has gotten 
a lot broader with several new (and apparently better choices) in the mix.

My apologies for the nastily malformed headers in my posts from earlier 
today.  Apparently I should not be allowed to use mobile devices for email.

-Greg Mackinnon
ETS Systems Architecture and Adminsitration

Rudy Raab wrote:
> I'm kind of scared to jump in here with the IT big leagues, but I feel like
> putting my two cents in.