I had tried using remote assistance a few years ago initially hoping it 
would be my remote elixir of wonder.  But I have rarely gotten it to 
connect to me in those situations when a client is behind a nat router 
and I am as well.  Maybe they've worked through those bugs and it works 
better these days.  Any feedback on that sort of home based rather than 
campus based setup?

I had tried a trial version of a couple weeks ago.  I 
ran a number of remote help sessions with it with some very good 
success.  I have to admit I was impressed.  Works on macs and PCs.  You 
can even pay more to have access to smartphones. (wasn't my concern, but 
may be interesting to some).  Works through a web browser, so you can  
send someone a link to initiate a remote session or just have them go to and enter a pin code you generate.  Felt fairly polished.  

This discussion is quite timely as I am starting to investigate a good 
option for our group.


Geoffrey Duke wrote:
> I have used the Remote Assistance feature of XP/Vista/Windows 7 many times,
> which is not the same as Remote Desktop. It meets the first four criteria,
> below. Although it isn't Open Source, it is built into Windows OSes, and so
> doesn't require installing additional software.