Thanks for the update, Greg.


J. Greg Mackinnon wrote:
> We put the new NOD32 license in place on the management server this 
> morning.  All clients should have checked in with the server by now, 
> and should no longer be reporting imminent license expiration.
> A few other notable changes to announce:
>     * The management server is now publishing an updated default
>       configuration to clients which includes the following changes:
>           o Updated login credentials for the ESET update mirrors. 
>             This will prevent the client from failing to update after
>             the Nov. 25th expiration of our old credentials.
>           o The Thunderbird integration module (which was introduced
>             to no great fanfare with NOD32 4.0) has been disabled
>             until such time as ESET can fix the mail message
>             triplication bug that occurs with many builds of NOD32
>             version 4.
>           o Notification of successful virus definition updates has
>             been disabled.  You now will be notified /only/ on update
>             /errors/.
>     * A newer build of NOD32 (version 4.0.467) has been made available
>       at and \\files\software\antivirus. 
>       This update includes the new default client configuration.  If
>       you are having any problems with NOD32 performance, NOD32
>       updates, or NOD32 licensing, please consider installing this new
>       build as a troubleshooting step.
> -Greg Mackinnon
> ETS Systems Architecture and Administration


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