We have a client attempting to connect to Banner INB from MyUVM, Vista  
SP2, IE 8.

If she clicks on the Banner INB link from within MyUVM, IE 8 hangs up  
completely, processor usage at 50% and we have to task manager our way  

If she tries to go to she can get in fine  
using IE 8.

We've cleared caches, ran CCleaner, etc etc.  I've noted that the  
Banner INB link goes to

whereas http:\\\banner redirects to

If I manually attempt a connect to

IE 8 hangs up as it did before AND I cannot connect to

either, although it does give me the Oracle Developer Forms Runtime window.

I'm going to try upgrading her version of NOD32 since this may be our  
antivirus software meddling with things.  But does anyone have any  
other ideas?

Andrew Hendrickson
Arts & Sciences Computing Services
University of Vermont
438 College Street #402
Burlington, VT

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