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I'm making a general request for any town that might quickly be able to 
pull together any information you have on the location of multi-unit 
buildings in your town and the number of units.

This is in preparation for the 2010 Census.  There is ONE LAST program 
that we are doing to make sure that the Census Bureau knows where to get 
the Census survey in April of 2010.

You may remember the LUCA address update program about a year ago.  
Under this final program, called Count Review, I will be going to 
Washington DC in February to review the Census housing unit records 
directly.  But the Bureau wants a file from us now.

With E911, we have a source for building locations in Vermont, but not a 
good source of units per building.

Here is what I could use:  The physical (E911) address and number of 
units for any multi-unit building in your town.  You can just give me 
the big ones if you want.

I would need this information by this Monday 11/2 to get into our file.

If you can get me this information, that would be great (and good for 
the Census in your town).  If you can't, that is certainly OK.  We'll do 
the best with what we have.

Thank you, and please let me know if there are any questions.

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