The only place it should be "removed" from is his credit report.  Maybe he misunderstood the person with the State.  I agree with what you told him, except the cost would be $10.00 each release. 

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Hello Clerks,

I am full of odd questions today. I just got off the phone with someone 
who has a bunch of liens from the state and he is claiming that someone 
from the state told him that these were outdated and should be removed. 
I explained that we cannot remove anything from the land records and, no 
offense, cannot take someone's word for it. It must be in writing.

I suggested that he get a letter from the state outlining which old 
liens should be released and we would be happy to do it. This letter, I 
told him, would be in the land records as official documentation of the 
releases. I also told him it would be $10 to record the letter.

Does anyone have anything to say about how I handled this? I am looking 
for answers about how some of you might have dealt with a similar 
experience and if I should call him back with different information.

Thanks, in advance.

Heidi Racht