Since Netbooks were the topic of the Vita-Learn NW meeting last month,
I thought this short blog post exploring the possible impact of Chrome
on 1:1 intiatives might be of interest.

Wes had a lot of great links in this article that lead me to learning
about all kinds of new projects that would support the idea of a cloud
computing OS
such as Veevo (for handling music)

I must say I cringe when I hear folks like Wes advocate for total
replacement of Textbooks.  It makes me feel old fashioned and a little
bit like a luddite to be skeptical of  a world without textbooks, but
I must remember that they refer to  "textbooks" as we know them today.
 I know that after seeing the complimentary materials to our school's
Algebra textbook, which included full digital version of the textbook
with tons of supplementary materials including online video's
illustrating every concept, and online tools like full fledged
graphing calculators, I was amazed at the increase in access this
provided to students  (Anywhere, anytime access to the resources they
need to learn).

The example of  how many LESS dictionaries we need in schools today
can also provide some perspective.  Just the other day I had a
teacher in the computer lab ask me for a DICTIONARY because the
suggested replacement for a misspelled words on a student's word
processing screen did not have the correct choice. My offer to help
them learn other approaches available to them because they were
sitting at a computer was seen as my "missing the opportunity" to
teach this student the value of a dictionary as that teacher knew it.
I think incidences like this are part of the motivation behind the "no
more textbook" evangelist.  Are we holding on to old ways in a way
that impedes forward moving approaches to problem solving (such as
matching new learning approaches to the exponential increase of
information available).

Its no longer I feel like I'm standing still as the fast paced change
in the world leaves me standing in the dust.


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