Here are some bogus sites I gleaned these from Alan November's new  
book, "Web Literacy for Educators."  And of course there's  
to check out web rumors....

Pacific Tree Octopus:

Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs:
(Note that this URLl is quite similar to the previous one, so this  
site should be shown to students at the end of the list; otherwise  
they'll figure it out right off)

Victorian Robots

Martin Luther King
(This site is most properly blocked as it is a White Supremicist site  
produced by "Stormfront. If you show this to students, show them what  
happens when you hover your mouse over the "Join MLK Discussion Forum"  
and ask them what "Stormfront" is. By googling that name, they'll  
quickly figure it out. Also, there is some telling language and  
statements contradictory to the King spirit such as "Why the King  
Holiday Should Be Repealed.")

Lobster Liberation
(While this is probably a genuine web page, it's way out there.....)

California Velcro Crop

Dihydrogen Monoxide


Dog Island:
(this one has to be my favorite. I'd love to live there.... :)   )

And there are many more.

The WayBack machine is a good method to check the development of a web  
page. Not all, but some. Go to

Have students paste the url in the box top center, and click "Take me  
back." They'll receive a spreadsheet of when the page was updated.

Then there is the track back and WHOIS activities.

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