We use the attached for staff laptops, however it does not explicitly state
that staff are financially responsible for theft or damage. The teacher who
ran over a school video camera at his daughter's soccer game a few years ago
replaced it... The two laptops destroyed by coffee (in the building) were
fortunately covered by accidental damage warranties. We do not tend to loan
out other equipment, and in particular prohibit borrowing LCD projectors.


on 11/13/09 9:17 AM, Sylvia Gagne wrote:

> As we are starting to get more "portable" equipment, staff are asking to
> take equipment home.  While we encourage this, heaven knows they don't
> have time at school to "try-out' and play around with new tools, we feel
> there needs to be basic guidelines.
> How are other schools dealing with equipment being taken off site?  Do
> you have a form that must be signed?  What are staff liable for -
> damage, loss, stolen equipment?
> If anyone has a form they don't mind sharing, that would be great.
> thanks,

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