Lagging behind on this discussion...

Our approach has been similar: media and large files stored separately
("media server" or local drives) and not backed up. Everyone is advised to
put their own pictures onto CD or DVD media as needed. Garage Band and
iMovie are stored locally or on portable drives. We also empty student
folders at the end of each year, after trying unsuccessfully to have them
"clean up" at the end of each year. We get no complaints about empty student
folders, but have also copied a few to CD from backups upon request.

Backups are going to old desktop machines with multiple HD - FreeNAS OS,
cheap, redundant and effective although we need to add some more drives.

Raw video has been a challenge, as we film many of our all-school events.
Portable drives are so cheap we bought a couple of TB drives and that issue
is solved for now...

I agree with others who emphasize training and raising awareness of file
size and storage considerations. If everyone understands this, issues will
not be as prevalent. Teaching people to "turn down" those 10Mpx cameras is a
good first step!

Eric Hall
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on 10/28/09 3:04 PM, Jean Campbell wrote:

> Lucie,
> Great questions.....ones that we battle with too.  Here are some approaches we
> have taken.
> 1. Our Digital Photo and Graphic design classes have students save their work
> during the semester/year in a separate area on the server from their regular
> user folder.  At the end of the semester or year,  depending on the class,
> they are given time to backup their information (to the media of their choice)
> and we then delete that work from the server.  We simply do not have space to
> store all that indefinitely.
> 2. At the end of each school year we send out announcements asking all
> students to back up their student folders and we then state that they will be
> emptied during the summer so that each year a student does not carry over last
> year's data.  (In reality we only had to do that once when we ran out of
> space.)  At the end of the students senior year, all their data is deleted
> sometime during the summer following graduation.
> 3. In our filmmaking classes we have had students save their films to the
> local hard drive of the computer and have them sit at the same computer each
> class time.  Again, at the end of the semester, they are burned to dvd's and
> the computers are cloned to clean up the hard drives.
> 4. Our challenge of late: soon EVERY sophmore is doing a movie project for the
> history classes.  This is a challenge for us on so many levels.....different
> cameras, formats you know the drill.  (I remember last year we had to do
> rock/paper/siccors to see who would work with the crying frustrated students)
> We will approach this the same way as the movie making classes by having
> students save files locally and then the teachers ultimately will have the
> finished products posted on for a big film/festival contest
> that they have.
> 5. Periodically I have to get after the teachers too.  They don't often think
> to clean out their files and common shared areas so they need yearly reminders
> too.  I have scanned teacher folders and looked for ones that are particularly
> huge and addressed that individually with the teacher also.
> 6. We just bought a new big honkin backup server with lots-o-space!
> I just read that they have now come out with a 1 terabyte SD card!  Jeese!
> How do we keep up with that!!
> Jean
> Jean Campbell
> CESU Technology Services
> 211 Browns Trace 
> Jericho, VT 05465
> 802-858-1726
>>>> Lucie deLaBruere  10/28/09 2:21 PM >>>
> Are any other people having a multimedia explosion from new more
> accessible tools like Flip Video, easy podcasting tools,  or digital
> cameras that now take 10 megapixel pictures.   What are you doing to
> handle the increase in tech and human resources (i.e. storage space,
> backup needs, and even extra tech support from complications like
> codec, or media player compatibility)?
> Craig and I are trying to be proactive and having some lively
> discussions about human solutions vs technical solutions.
> Do we let people just fill up the servers with lots of raw materials.
> Kindergarten has 9,771 pictures on the server-- and its only October.
> I'm not sure how many movies.
> What do we back up?  What do we archive?  What do we delete?
> Do we look for technical or human solutions to file management that
> comes into play in the workflow of doing video.
> How do we not make what appears to be an easy entry point for using
> technology - A Digital Camera or a  Flip Camera into a tedious process
>  by putting work flow constraints that evolve from backup and storage
> issues.
> How do we encourage the increase interest to grow without panicking
> with alarm at the servers filling up and our backup jobs becoming too
> large for our systems to handle.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated
> Lucie